…Cary was exactly like me in many ways, and so our life was indeed over the top, and often way over the speed limit, figuratively speaking. We both talked each other into things that were important to us individually, and – usually – we never regretted a decision which we had made jointly. He trusted me to make decisions about the household management, homeschooling the kids, and what we would do for our mutual enjoyment. I trusted him as patriarch and shepherd, and if I disagreed, he usually heard me out. He made decisions about the farm and livestock, church, and his architectural business. Most decisions about money and raising the kids, including discipline, we made together.
We really did do just about everything we ever talked about doing. When he died, I still had two big things on my bucket list that I wanted to do with Cary: 1) sail down the Nile to the Valley of the Kings with our whole family, and 2) attend Marlin University as a couple. The only regret I have about our life together, is that we won’t get to do either of those things as husband and wife. Well…I also regret that I didn’t let him kiss me more while I was busy in the kitchen or laundry room…and I should have danced with him more. He was a great dancer….