STRETCHED YET UNBROKEN – My final post, at least for now….

It has been 9 months since I first began weekly Friday posts for my five generation family memoir.  My hardback first edition is about to sell-out, so if you haven’t already purchased your copy, please consider doing so as then my publisher will order a second edition.  IMHO it makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift for parents and grandparents.  I have really enjoyed talking to so many people about my book – via FB, email, and at my Meet the Author/Book Signings.  Having my book published, with favorable reviews, has catapulted me into writing and public speaking as additional streams of income.  Writing is something I can do from home so I can still be with my family as homemaker and homeschool mom.  My second book is on Adoption, and I hope to have it published early in 2016 if the Lord wills.  I enjoy public speaking and have stared to speak an average of two times a month on a wide variety of Family and Child related issues.

If you enjoyed reading my book, please recommend it to friends – especially young couples just starting their family, as I think it would encourage them to consider having a large family and especially a strong marriage.

A final suggestion is that if you want to write a book review on Amazon (Kindle format is available for sale there), it would be good to have more than the 5 currently posted.

I might post here again, but it won’t be weekly.  Thanks for all the encouragement.  I have such wonderful friends, and God is so good and gracious!