…I asked my children to respond to the prompt: “The following are first person accounts written by my children about their growing up in the McMinn family: what their Christian heritage as passed on to them by their grandparents and parents means to them, what being a part of our family means to them, and what knowing Christ as Savior and Lord means to them.”
Growing up in the McMinn household was never easy. Hard work, family drama, endless chores and being far away from any outlet are just a few adjustments that anyone will see when visiting our house. Although, living in a large family wasn’t as crazy as people make it out to be, such as in the recent movie version of Cheaper by the Dozen. There always was an idea behind my parent’s crazy plans.
Growing up in a godly, large family with two very involved parents is the foundation that everyone should have, and I am thankful that is what I received at home. With all of the “goings-on” in our household, I always knew that I was surrounded by a loving family. It was our faith that held us together, no matter what happened we could all go to church on Sunday and leave there happier, closer, and more thankful for each other. I thank my parents for their teachings and leadership in my life. Their team effort to bring all of us kids to the Lord has paid off in all our lives.
The structure and hard work ethic that Dad and Mom taught us on the farm has helped me in my school and career life. Everything that I learned and did has had value to me.
Having a God-filled life, involved parents and grandparents, a hard work ethic and responsibilities, are what I attribute to my ambitious goals. I have only succeeded with what I want to accomplish because of how I grew up. I am so thankful that my parents took the time to teach me, help me, lead me and watched as I failed, succeeded, cried, laughed, and learned….