…Life in 1950s America is often equated with the black and white sitcoms Leave it to Beaver, or The Andy Griffith Show. Life in 1960s America is often defined by the rebellion of Rock ‘n Roll, Civil Rights, and the Vietnam era. Both are appropriate analogies, and both show the colliding, confusing state in which the Baby Boom generation came of age. Cary, born in 1951, was a teen in the late 1960s. My birth in 1958 placed me in the impressionable pre-teen years during that time. As the 1970s rolled around, both of us, as well as most of our peers, were terribly confused about who we were and where we were going. Our hard-working, Bible believing parents had no idea that the school textbooks already contained liberal versions of re-written history that was pro-socialism (and worse) pro-communism, in addition to anti-Creation science. As we entered the 1980s, the fruit that was being borne in our lives was rotten.
I knew right from wrong, but I was not grounded enough in it from my church youth group to stick with it in college and my young adult years. My husband had married young, and had the same problem. When we met, we were the products of our confusion and the stage was set for failure, and sin.
We reminded each other over the years that we met in the pit of sin, and God pulled us out of it, setting us up on high ground. We were fortunate that He did. Married, finally, with two half-brother sons, in an unstable economy, and fools for love, we didn’t have a chance, but for the Lord. Thankfully, He loved us and showed us another path. I know for a fact that without my salvation and trust in the Lord, I would be an alcoholic. I know for a fact that without my husband’s salvation, he would have become a druggie. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory….